The main objective of the Banjul+10 AYC commemoration is to provide a common platform for Member States to conduct a peer review of their investments to “prepare the future” for Africa’s youth;

The specific objectives of the celebration include:

• To provide a high-level political forum for intergenerational discourse and advocacy, stakeholders’ interaction, agenda setting and celebration of African youth Initiatives.
• To showcase the progress Africa youth are making across all fields of human endeavour surviving against all odds, leading innovation, creativity and public service.
• To ensure and facilitate broad based and inclusive consultations that will set the
baseline for assessing progress in the youth development targets of Africa’s growth and development paradigm beyond 2015.
• To provide an avenue for discussion on the proposed Africa’s demographic framework that will guide the application of a youth lens at all levels and in the rollout of the AU 2063 Agenda.
• Commemoration of the African Liberation Day in Banjul, The Gambia May 2016