PAYNCoP participated in a Sub- Regional workshop on Promoting Peace Culture and managing cultural Diversity in African Member State, organised by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in The Gambia 25th-26th June 2018.

The forum, whose objectives are (a)to promote a culture of peace , Tolerance and citizenship amongst groups of society; (b) to highlight the Islamic values and their roles in fostering a culture of Peace and cultural diversity, and (c) to boost Participatory Management of cultural diversity; attracted participants from across West Africa including local and international experts on cultural diversity and peace management. By the end of the 2 days sessions, participant gave recommendations base on the different themes discussed which included:

– Family and Religious Institution’s Cultural discourse to correct the behaviours of young people and promote peace and respect for others

– Experiences of Civil Society organizations and leaders to highlight their roles in spreading peace and respect for cultural diversity amongst the Youth.

– National cultural and Educational policies and programmes anchoring the values of the citizenship, social peace and respect for cultural diversity.

PAYNCoP was represented by Momodou Sarr, who is the PAYNCoP National Coordinator for The Gambia, and this was his piece.