The Pan-African Youth Network for a Culture of Peace (PAYNCoP) took part in the just concluded two-day UNESCO (MOST) Syndicated Workshop which was organized by the UNESCO Regional Office in Abuja in collaboration with the Lagos State University, on the theme: “The Open Society and Its Imperatives to Nigeria for Effective Peace and Security Governance”, from the 29-30 March 2019.

The Management of Social Transformations (MOST) is UNESCO’s intergovernmental scientific programme on social transformations, which works with governments, social and human science communities and social actors to improve connections between knowledge and policy; it is also about enhancing knowledge and enhancing its application – all in support of positive social change. The workshop aimed at promoting a culture of evidence-based decision-making among policy makers and to strengthening scientific knowledge and research-policy interface, taking Nigeria as a case study. Indeed, peace and security remain a challenge with regard to some pressing issues in Nigeria.

It was an opportunity to build a pool of national experts in social sciences and humanities communities, as well as other sciences, to assist UNESCO Abuja Regional Office in identifying thematic gaps, designing and implementing relevant research projects and activities, and reviewing and coming up with ways/mechanisms for more effective flow and use of research evidence in policy-making and programming.

During the workshop, Five sub-themes informed the discussions and deliberations around the main theme namely:
Sub-theme 1: Bridging Research and Policy-Making for Peace and Security Governance
Sub-Theme 2: What Conditions for Press Freedom in the Open Society
Sub-Theme 3: Ethno-Religious Diversity and National Unity: The Imperative of Tolerance
Sub-Theme 4: What Key Steps for Consolidating Democracy in the Open Society
Sub-Theme 5: A Gender Perspective for Peace and Security in the Open Society

The outcome of the workshop will be shared as soon as it is available

PAYNCoP Chairperson, Ekene Johnpaul Ikwelle, discussing the role of youth under sub-theme 4: What Key Steps for Consolidating Democracy in the Open Society.