About Us

We are a youth-led network of individuals and organizations in Africa.

We intend to carry out activities to benefit the integration of the culture of peace among youths, women, civil society, marginalized groups and other stakeholders in leveraging a commitment to build synergy and position PAYNCoP as an effective network that will give birth to a new paradigm of driving a sustainable economy with social and political stability.


Who We Are
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The vision of the Pan African Youth Network on the Culture of Peace is to engender a critical mass of the African youth as key actors and equal stakeholders championing Africa’s Peace and Sustainable Development agenda.


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Our mission is to mainstream a culture of peace by influencing social, political, economic and cultural foundations of Africa’s development trajectory by providing transformative advocacy, synergy with all peace practitioners, scaling up the efficiency of youth-led projects on peace and strengthening policy formulation, implementation, review and accountability.


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    1. Mainstreaming youth priorities and effective participation of young people in the implementation of the Plan of Action for a Culture of Peace in Africa.
    1. Harmonizing, integrating and raising awareness among young Africans and the diaspora community on the importance of active engagement in spearheading and promoting the culture of peace .
    1. Strengthening the expertise and skills of youth led organizations and providing opportunities to ensure the sustainability of the peace agenda in Africa.
    1. Providing a statutory institutional framework for the mobilization of young Africans within the Pan-African Youth Network for the Culture of Peace.
  1. To harness and promote joint activities promoting the culture of peace in Africa including championing the use of arts and new media in promoting peace, training in mediation, peace-building, entrepreneurship, project management, innovative solutions, ICT and providing a comprehensive platform to exchange and share good practices on the enhancement of peace and facilitate learning.


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Develop strategic partnerships for more visibility with:

    1. Partners in the sectors relative to culture of peace on the local, regional and international level and create a Committee of Partners of the Network.
    1. National Commissions & UNESCO regional offices in the countries where the network intends to develop its projects.
    1. Direct involvement of the PAYNCoP in the activities relative to the movement for the Culture of Peace in Africa for greater visibility.
  1. Collaborate with institutional mechanism relative to Culture of Peace including the National Youth Councils.


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 We are open to carry our joint activities with like minded youth led organizations. Currently our proposed areas are;

    1. A Multimedia Campaign to Advocate in Favor of Peace.
    1. Volunteerism for Peace.
  1. Reinforcement of Political Involvement, Responsibility, and Advocacy for Peace.


[zozo_vc_section_title classes=”margin-bottom-30″ text_align=”center” title=”The Leadership Structure” title_weight=””][/zozo_vc_section_title]

The Board – 15 Elected regional coordinators
General Coordinator
Deputy Coordinator
Permanent secretariat – Based in Libreville, Network headquarters

2 Regional coordinators from 6 Regions – (Northern, Western, Central, Eastern, Southern, Diaspora)
A representative of Portuguese speaking country.
Representation of Networks; Disabilities and youth peace network.

54 AU member states representatives
National youth network on peace
linkages with youth ministries, National youth councils and UNESCO countries initiatives