Joint Initiatives

A Multimedia Campaign to Advocate in Favor of Peace.

  1. Partner with the African Union in enhancement of the Make Peace Happen Campaign.
  2. Promote a pan-African initiative of artists promoting the culture of peace.
  3. Implement a virtual platform: integrate social media, the FORA, blogs, mobile applications.
  4. Maintain a virtual platform of engagement and information sharing on peace.
  5. Pursue local grass-root level engagement through community radios.

Volunteerism for Peace.

  1. Implement a partnership with the African Union Youth volunteer corps to promote the culture of peace among African Youth volunteers.
  2. Establish training courses on peace education.
  3. Train and deploy youth volunteers for peace in post conflict zones.
  4. Implement training courses on refugees, peace and reconciliation, and conduct training in entrepreneurship specifically for young people and women coming from conflict zones.

Reinforcement of Political Involvement, Responsibility, and Advocacy for Peace.

  1. Produce an orientation guide for the implementation of regional political instruments on peace.
  2. Develop a guidance toolkit on the role of the youth in mainstreaming and spearheading a culture of peace in Africa.
  3. Organize an international simulation on the African Union around the theme “culture of peace in Africa”. The results will be presented to UNESCO and to the African Union.
  4. Train the youth of civil society, women on peace advocacy, notably by developing their capacities to follow the policy implementation (on the national level).
  5. Advocate for educational reform aiming to include peace education programs in the primary, secondary, and higher education curriculum.
  6. Organize an annual Forum on youth and culture of peace in Africa to share good practices.
  7. Reporting and follow-up evaluation of the results of the network, and proceed to activity planning.
  8. Develop the network and its partners.