The Network consists of youth organizations from the 54 countries of the African Union and the diaspora. According to the level of financial contribution and participation in Network activities, membership will be divided as follows:

a) Honorary Members
b) Supporting Members
c) Active Members


The network is open to all African youth organizations and the Diaspora who fulfill the following conditions, without bias or discrimination.

– Have a goal related to the promotion of a culture of peace in Africa;
– Lead activities related to or towards Africa;
– Be represented by constituents from 18 to 35 years of age maximum;
– Respect cultural, linguistic, and gender diversity among members;
– Commit to joint activities with one or more member organizations;
– Commit to these statutes and the internal regulations;

To join the Network, each organization must file their application with the Secretariat of the Network, which will transmit it to the Board, which evaluates requests for admission at each meeting. Membership approval or rejection is communicated to the organization concerned by the Administrative Secretary of the Network.



Membership is lost by:

a) Resignation
b) Expulsion by the Board for non-payment of dues or for a serious reason, the member having been invited to provide an explanation to the office and/or in writing.


Active members are organizations that are already recognized in their respective countries by either the National commission for UNESCO and/or any relevant authority, and have committed to pay a one off subscription fee of 35 USD and an annual sum of 25 USD.

Honorary members are those who have rendered services to the association; they are exempt from paying dues;

Supporting member organizations pay an entry fee and/or annual dues at their discretion. However,the General Assembly reserves the right to establish an annual minimum contribution that will justify Supporting Member status.